Jenna Morsca said TNA was cruel in an interview
18 Friday Sep 2009

Jenna Morasca said in an interview with the UK Sun, the highlights from the interview:

"When I first signed on to TNA in January, it wasn't in my contract to wrestle and it was unlikely I was ever going to have a match.

"I told them I would do one if I felt comfortable and safe and when they told me I had a match at Victory Road I was concerned, as they only gave me a couple of months notice. And because we taped four shows in one go we only actually all get together once a month.

"I was really concerned as I didn't want to make a mockery of the sport or make it look like anybody could do it, as that's not the case.

"But my main concern was that after my match I would be discarded and my storyline would end. My agent was very skeptical and didn't want me to do it.

"However I was assured that wasn't the case so agreed.

"We did the match — some people hated it, some liked it and some disliked it because I had really short shorts on! But people have no idea how hard that sport is.

"Then a couple of weeks ago I was scheduled to tape on a Monday and a Tuesday, but I asked them to take those two days off as my boyfriend was having a very important surgery related to his cancer that I had to be there for.

"The surgery was on the Tuesday and it was the first time I had ever asked TNA for time off. I really had to be home to take care of him.

"They called my agent on Monday night — when they knew full well the surgery was on Tuesday — and told him that I was fired.

"I thought the timing was really cruel and insensitive.

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